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Some of my Work

Hello you!! Welcome to my website!

My Services

Digital Design.

HTML5/ CSS/ JS/ Construct2

Website and Interface Design

Mobile-Optimized Design

Social Media Graphics and Ads.

Game Design/Infographics


Art Direction



Social Media Ads/videos

Stop Motion Video

Info Animations

Genre Specific


Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital Ad Campaigns

Strategy Planning

Research and Marketing Analysis

Digital Content Management

Digital Content Production



Film Fotography

Multimedia Production.


Web design/ Animation/ Interactive Media

Digital Communicaton

Digital Media Advisor

Creative Strategist


Left Profile

“I see no obstacles,
only oportunities..

..when using social media platforms as a marketing tool."

Hello there!

I am a freelance multimedia producer based in Oslo, Norway. Stuff I can help you with: - Digital marketing/ Social media marketing. - Video- and multimedia production. - Content development and production - Branding - Web Design/ UI/UX Design/ Digital Design/ Animation.

The past nine years...

..my job has been to develop and produce engaging and entertaining concepts, primarily for the web, at NRK.
I was part of the team that created and launched NRK Super and nrksuper.no in 2007. I have been involved in several successful cross-media productions at NRK, some with so much traffic the servers have crashed.

Some of the projects I was involved in at NRK

I have had the pleasure..

..of working multidisciplinary for a wide range of clients and professions, ever since I did my first developer job in 2005. Both commercial and editorial. I have a bachelor in digital Media and Communication from UNSW, Sydney and a Master in Media Arts and Production from University of Technology, Sydney.

Blog is Coming Soon

Blog is Coming Soon

Blog is Coming Soon

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